Dr. William Burrus Elementary


Remember the law!
You cannot be on your cell phone in a school zone. School zones are hands-free.

Afternoon Double Car Line

Both lanes are used for afternoon dismissal. Please do not line up before 3:00 pm. We must leave the lane open for emergency vehicles and parents picking up their children for early dismissal. Parents who need to pick up a student before dismissal will need to get here by 3:00 pm to have access to the parking lot.

If you choose to be here prior to 3:00 pm, we ask that you line up in one line to the right (just like in the morning for drop off). We will not allow cars in the left lane until 3:00 pm.

Early Dismissal

It is recommended that you be here by 2:50 to be sure you have access to the parking lot. Please park in the parking lot. DO NOT park in the left or right lane.

Pre-K Pick-up
Please park in the designated spot for Pre-K or in the KDDC lot and walk over.

Please remember that you must go in the parking lot the correct way!
Please do not go in the wrong way. This is very dangerous for our preschool students.

3:30 Dismissal

Children in grades k-1 will be seated in their grade level hallway. Grades 2-5 will be seated by grade level in the main hallway. Students will have their name called and will line up at their door. (K-1 will use door 2. Grades 2-5 will use door 1.) Escorted by as staff member, the students will be led down the center of the car rider line and will load their car as they see it. As the children see their vehicle, they will be released to get in their car.

After all students are loaded in the double line, the two lines of cars will be released at the same time. Please do not exit until told to do so.

Please pull all the way forward.
The students will only be released when the double line of cars has moved all the way forward and have come to a complete stop.

Please DO NOT get out of your vehicle to get your child!


All walkers must be picked up at the front door and will be checked off the list by a staff member. You may be asked to show the student’s car rider sign for identification.

Dr. William Burrus Elementary School's Mission

Our mission is to provide students with a strong foundation for lifelong achievements through the promotion of high academic standards and technology integration in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment.  We want to inspire our students today to become leaders in tomorrow's world.

Dr. William Burrus  Elementary School's Vision

WBE is committed to a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers and school community.