Dr. William Burrus Elementary

Quality Instruction

  • Teachers provide high quality, challenging instruction that is data-driven and standards-based to meet the diverse needs of all students. 
  • Students participate in integrated inquiry-based learning experiences to develop higher order thinking skills.
  • Authentic teaching experiences allow students to be actively engaged in learning, to have opportunities to develop character and to become productive citizens.
  • Students receive quality feedback and equal access to differentiated instructional opportunities (enrichment/intervention) based on individual needs.
  • Teachers engage in collaborative, on-going, job-embedded professional learning to develop and deliver quality instruction that will enhance student achievement.

Collaborative Culture

  • Our school will strive to create a culture where all students and teachers are held to high expectations and are supported to reach full potential.
  • Structured unique opportunities are created for student-focused collaboration from all members through trust and a respectful culture. 
  • Students and teachers are collectively responsible for student success encouraging intrinsic learning and goal setting from all students for achievement.
  • Culture and communication between the school and all stakeholders are intentionally focused on student learning and student needs.


  • Leaders model high expectations and hold all stakeholders accountable.
  • Leaders are strategic in growing and developing instructional leaders by providing opportunities through a collaborative culture.
  • Leaders continually communicate school wide vision and actively work to partner with families to educate all students.
  • Leaders make intentional decisions based on data analysis to further develop educational endeavors of the whole school.

Resource Utilization

  • Teachers and staff select quality resources that enhance learning opportunities and support student needs.
  • All stakeholders collaborate to form a partnership, which provides supplemental resources in support of ongoing educational endeavors.
  • All stakeholders engage in purposeful and intentional collaboration, which encourages mutual respect and leadership skills.
  • Students and teachers utilize resources and technology to produce high-quality work demonstrating evidence of learning with diverse and inquiry-based thinking.

Dr. William Burrus Elementary School's Mission

Our mission is to provide students with a strong foundation for lifelong achievements through the promotion of high academic standards and technology integration in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment.  We want to inspire our students today to become leaders in tomorrow's world.

Dr. William Burrus  Elementary School's Vision

WBE is committed to a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers and school community.