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Art Club is for aspiring artists in 4th and 5th grade.  We focus on advanced art skills through individual practice and collaborative practices.

 fifth grade meet the teacher fifth

5th grade art club will begin September and will be held Wednesday mornings starting at 7:30.  5th grade art club will end the last week of November.

Grade 4

4th grade art club will begin February and will be held on Wednesday mornings starting at 7:30.  4th grade art club will end the last week of April.

Interested students will need to fully complete an application.  Applications will be received beginning on August 28th at 8:30 am and no earlier.  Students will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  The club will be capped at 14 students.  This ensures I can give each student the individual attention they deserve during art club to increase and strengthen their skill level.

Applications will be available outside my door beginning the week of August 20th for 5th grade art club.


Please click on the link to go Mrs. Black's Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/501523556854202/


Dr. William Burrus Elementary School's Mission

Our mission is to provide students with a strong foundation for lifelong achievements through the promotion of high academic standards and technology integration in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment.  We want to inspire our students today to become leaders in tomorrow's world.

Dr. William Burrus  Elementary School's Vision

WBE is committed to a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers and school community.